A sad day ....

This is indeed a sad day for The Jewish people.

May God hold a special place in heaven for Mr. Peng so that our ancestors may enjoy a Christmas feast as delicious as the ones their children have been eating for 98 years.

And let us say, Amen.



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Do you think it was all the MSG that kept him alive for so long???


Check out the documentary:

I’ll pass. Probably one of the worst dishes ever invented. A day’s worth of calories in one dish. Throw in the fried rice, and it’s a day and a half’s caloric intake.

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If those of you interested in food haven’t seen this film yet, it’s well worth your time!

Agreed that GT isn’t healthy for you, but that dish helped get REAL Chinese food all over the U.S., so it has historical significance. Also note that the inventor of the Big Mac died this week–also at age 98. So maybe all of my healthy eating is for nothing…?

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@curlz - downloaded the movie - its the Chinese version of deli man :stew::relaxed:
I like Harly and his menu collection too
Thx for the tip

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Wow I didn’t know Bob’s Big Boy died…

A sad day for us all…

It"s a safe bet… especially if your version of healthy is based on “government” studies…

And there is no MSG in a Big Mac…


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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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