A restaurant burglary leaves Pasta Sisters searching for lost family recipes

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Have you ever eaten there? Are the recipes worth recovering? (Nevertheless it’s a terrible thing.)

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Pasta Sisters was pretty damn good when I had them years ago at their original storefront on Pico at Arlington.

I’m just so confused as to how this happened – I can’t believe they kept the original family recipes on-site at one of their locations instead of making copies! Also, what about their Country Club Park location?? Did they just not have access to those recipes?

I feel bad for them, but this just sounds stupid – what if there had been a fire?


If i had to guess, the recipes are not the big deal. They know them by heart as do each of their top chefs. They want their Grandmother’s diary back. Talk about a family treasure lost!
As to why the diary was kept at the restaurant, can you imagine several sisters trying to decide which of them got the honor of keeping their Grandmother’s prized diary? Talk about a difficult family duscussion! LOL!


I still don’t understand how the mutual decision was to locate such a priceless heirloom in ONE of their unsecured restaurants rather than a safe deposit box or something in a neutral location.


Sounds like an inside job.

The online news stories say their safe was sawn off the floor and removed and the book was in it. Doesn’t sound like inside. Or especially blameworthy. I feel badly for these folks.

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