a real loss...

so sad to see them go. loved their gelato.


My “Like This Post” isn’t meant to be a like this post. Simply an acknowledgment that a unique contributing community retailer has breathed its last. Sad.

All of us worldwide will be reading tens of thousands more of these business “obits” through the rest of the year and into 2021.


well said…


Oof. That stings. By far the best gelato in the area IMO.

I’d suggest rolling this into the May openings/closings thread

Bummer, no exaggeration the best gelato in the area. I fear this is going to be a trend.

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From their website . . . makes me wonder how many other small places will just not see a way forward . . . very sad.

"I assessed the PPP loan and like many business owners, realized early on that they were not effective enough and are better suited for those essential businesses who are still operating with a larger payroll, or businesses that have a strong take out/delivery service already in place and are still running, albeit with fewer customers.

The new COVID-19 safety requirements of businesses to operate in this “new normal” we are in will require additional capital from already strained businesses to purchase new equipment, create new safety operational manuals, and employ safety and cleaning protocols regularly (or pay a service provider to do this). This now leaves these businesses vulnerable to lawsuit liabilities - from consumers and employees to the all-so-fun passerby who wants to simply blow their whistle.

I, like many business owners, am no stranger to obstacles. Business ownership comes with operational challenges on a consistent basis. These new COVID-19 restrictions are another large hurdle and can be overcome through the resilience and tenacity most entrepreneurs possess. That being said, when you limit the number of guests allowed to enter establishments that depend on heavy foot traffic and lines to generate revenue, it’s clear that more economic hardships will be endured by many businesses for months to come. Our company depends on long lines in the summer season to carry us through the colder months. We have simply lost this opportunity and there is no recovering."


i, too, have been thinking about how many of my favorites might not make it — the cookie time bakery (formerly lakota bakery); butternut bakehouse; cafe madeleine — all small places (and yes, i do have a serious carb issue:)


I think some of the smarter small business owners have done the math and realized there are too many loopholes as far as “forgiveness” of a loan. No such thing as a free ride in life, Time for them to cash out if they can afford it. Can’t say I blame them.


Really! Where were they in Hanover? I’m through there all the time and never noticed them.
Could Have Enjoyed,

couldn’t say. i only went to the one in the chestnut hill mall. i lie in somerville and don’t have a car, so i didn’t get there often, but loved know it was there when i could make the schlepp on the t.

New Hampshire!

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right! forgot to mention that.

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Close to the cinema on Main Street. A bit to the left of Molly’s

No wonder I never saw it in Hanover, MA. HA! Too bad, we could certainly use a good gelato shop on the South Shore.
Thanks Anyway,