A quick return to Saint-Barth

After the difficulty of traveling the prior two years, our wanderlust has really taken hold. So the lovely wife and I decided to make a quick return to SBH after having spent two weeks earlier this year.

It’s a small island, only 8 square miles but the abundance of dining options is bordering ridiculous.

On our first night back we went to an old favorite, Eddys. Fish tacos and accras to start.

Then a goat Colombo. Doesn’t look pretty but tasted great.

Eddys serves creole style food. Mid range pricing with dinner for two with a bottle of wine coming in around €200.

A new place with an old name, Le Rivage has taken over the space of the lost and greatly missed La Gloriette. A beautiful setting and much more upscale than what it was in its prior life.

Had entrecôte. For €50 you would think it would include frites. But no that was an extra €10.

Steak was fine. Properly cooked. Fries crisp. I’m just noticing looking at the picture that the fries were served in newsprint and I didn’t order fish. All in all, a fine lunch but damn it was expensive. With some cocktails, beers and apps and lunch for the lovely wife spent €300.

To recover from the cost of that lunch, we went to its also relatively new next door neighbor Ti Corail. Same beautiful beach. In the space previously occupied by Au Corail.

The food is very simple but the place serves deceptively good food. The chef used to be the chef at the old Isle de France and so the quality is just incredible.

Fish rillette. It’s like best tuna salad you’ve ever had.

Then a filet of snapper with a crispy ginger fried rice for him and lobster roll for her. All washed down with some local beer. Lunch for less than €80. And we couldn’t eat everything. Missed taking a picture of the tuna tataki.

A place I enjoy has no view of anything other than a shopping center parking lot. Le Bouchon is popular with the locals but gets much less tourist traffic. So the food is great and cheap. Steak frites, Greek salad and tuna tartare for €70. Show me another place with such a poor view and good food for the value.

Well I’ll show you another place. Le Papillon Ivre also has a view of the shopping center parking lot. It’s in theory a wine bar. But a wine bar with small plates of outstanding food. We went twice for dinner. Didn’t take any pictures the first night as I was too busy eating. Took a few pictures when I remembered the second time.

Fancy canned sardines dressed with lemon and olive oil with grilled bread. Only thought to take a picture half way through. Maybe more than halfway.

Artichoke with sauce gribiche.

Saucisson brioche with sauce moutarde. This was outstanding.

There were bunch of things we ate I missed taking a picture of. But I got dessert. A pistachio creme brûlée. Worth the price of admission on its own.

Key to good eating without paying crazy prices seems to be a view of a parking lot.

Here’s our bill.

Hand written on a doily. Plenty to eat and drink for a very reasonable tariff.

A great place to visit. An even better place to visit and eat.


I had to click on this when i saw the picture of the fish cakes/accras , which I’ll have to make soon. I don’t aspire to making much else of your delicious repast, but I’m curious about the tuna Fish rillette. Can you say what made it “like the best tuna salad”? I do like to make the salmon version, but have never tried it with tuna.

The fish was flaked into nice size pieces. It was bound together with something that wasn’t mayonnaise. Was much richer and creamier with a thicker texture. But light at the same time so I am not sure. Maybe it was a lot of butter :scream:. There is a lot of tuna caught in the area so that the tuna will be incredibly fresh. So really good fish with a magic sauce is phenomenal.


I’ve seen recipes that call for crème fraiche or cream cheese. Fresh cooked tuna or canned tuna.

An Italian friend’s tuna pâté is made with canned tuna and cream cheese. No mayo.

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