A pre-Oktoberfest meal at Dunne's, White Plains

The early fall air prompted me to visit Dunne’s Pub in White Plains this past Thursday for an advanced taste of Oktoberfest. Dunne’s actually serves and Oktoberfest menu the first Thursday of each month, and come October the menu will be available every Thursday thru the month. I ordered the big Wurst (3) Plate with sides of red cabbage, potato fritters and apple sauce. I asked for spicy mustard on the side. Good and filling it was, I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! A pint of Guinness helped wash it all down.
There was a Schnitzel on the menu, but I decided to save that one for October…

You have mentioned Dunne’s in at least three threads recently. Are you shilling for them? Do they offer you freebies? If so you need to mention that.

You seem to have a handful of restaurants that you constantly bring into conversation and new threads. You write “articles” about them in various sources, and it makes me wonder.

Also you never actually talk about the taste of the food other than simple things like it was “tasty”. And then you descend into marketing speak about the decor, owners, etc .

You also usually talk about apps and small items. The types that are usually given away as freebies. It is rare to hear you mention a real meal, and never in any detail as to what the food is actually like.

I really have deep questions about if you really eat at these places, and if you are getting paid as a marketer or shill by them.


Have to admit that I felt the same way about G’s posts lately, but was hesitant to post it. Thank you, JMF.


Here are some pics of the food at Dunnes:

I have to stick up for gutters on this one. With food that looks that bad he could not be possibly shilling.

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Guinness as part of Oktoberfest? Just slightly missing the point, maybe?


I’ve noticed (almost) all of G’s post emphasize the menu,but the food is always “tasty”, a term my brother (who has no real interest in food) uses when asked about a meal.All of the pics just posted are also on the ode to reuben thread. I’ve always assumed that G is in the food business and while I read his posts ,do not count on them for an accurate description - but then again “tasty” is not much of a thumbs up. G- hope this does not offend,its not meant to

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Don’t you mean the O’Tober fest?

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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2