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Just bought a few books of the new food related stamps available at the Post Office. One is titled: Summer Harvest (very pretty design). The newest: Soda Fountain Favorites (a tempting blast thru the 50s). Find them at: usps.com/stamps

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LMAO…Perhaps a change of title to "Food Postage Stamps… " reading your title I paused like; “WTF is the post office up to now!!!”


I thought the same thing!! But I love interesting stamps. I’m almost done with my Janis Joplin stamps…


The last time I used a stamp I went to lick it and found out they are self adhesive now. That should tell you how long it had been since I had previously used them!


These new stamps are real pretty! Check them out.
Also, I am attempting to change the headline on my thread. We will see what happens…

Already looked and and when I run out of Janis Joplin I’m getting those. Love em.

Thanks to all for helping me modify the headline on this post. And check out those stamps…


Picked up another two books of the Soda Fountain Favorites…

The U.S. Postal Service has introduced new colorful ‘Delicioso’ postage stamps celebrating the influence of Central & South American, Mexican and Caribbean foods in American cuisine. I enjoy applying culinary themed stamps to my correspondence. Check them out at: www.usps.com/stamps

My local Post Office had those ‘Delicioso’ postage stamps in stock so I purchased a bunch. They are lovely! The colorful renderings of Flan, Chili, Sancocho and Ceviche should perk up my mail…

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