A Part Cafe (Roseville, CA)

If you ever find yourself in/around downtown Roseville, take a detour to A Part Cafe, a new fusion Middle Eastern place that just opened up about a month ago.

Their specialty is Middle Eastern (think Shawarma), mixed with a Mexican inspired twist, to create with what they call “Shwacos”.

So, are the Shwacos any good? In a couple of words, “yes, pretty good.”

These fluffy pita bread concoctions shaped into a hard shell taco come stuffed with your choice of proteins (chicken, beef, lamb or beans), that are each spiced and seasoned with strong hints of traditional Middle Eastern flavors like cumin, coriander, sumac, and garlic, with some nice undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg. It was like a fusion Za’atar mix.

The meats we tried (beef and lamb) were both tender and moist. The shells were not oily at all, and had a nice and light crispy texture that reminded me a bit of Egyptian Khobz (or Aish Baladi), but a bit more crunchy on the outside (like a fresh corn chip) with the heft and chew of a good baguette. Pretty good stuff.

And, if you go, don’t leave without trying their Tahini chocolate chip cookie.

A Part Cafe
217 Vernon St
Roseville, CA

(916) 474-4154
Monday – Saturday, 11 am–8pm


:sunglasses: my son is going to sac town to buy some goats this week, I’ll tell him.
I used to have a denim connection in Roseville and loved Denio’s too.
Good times. :slight_smile:


You ever visit the original Jimboy’s location in downtown Roseville? By the tracks?

I have not. Always on my list but never visited.
They came up recently in our taco thread though for being Parmesan enrobed.

unfortunately this cafe might have closed down. I was looking for options in Roseville. Seems like nixtacos it is :slight_smile: