A Parking Lot Thanksgiving - What Did I Eat?

We were staying at a motel in Wilmington, DE, and when we came back for the night, an African American woman called us over to her car. She had just come from a Thanksgiving family meal and had so many leftovers she decided to give them away instead of them going to waste.

From the trunk of her car she gave us a bottle of sparking cider, a jar of Trader Joe’s cranberry sauce (both unopened), and three heaving paper plates each tightly covered with aluminum foil and overloaded with Thanksgiving dinner.

We politely thanked her for her generosity and took the food. We put the food in the motel room mini-fridge and the next day we drove home to Arlington, VA and put the food in our fridge.

There was turkey, ham, sweet potato, greens, rice, and two meats I couldn’t recognize.

One looked like bologna, but wasn’t. Much firmer texture and not salty. The other looked like meatloaf but wasn’t. Like a rubbery version of meatloaf. I somewhat enjoyed both.

Any idea of what those last two things might be?


Perhaps Scrapple for the rubbery meatloaf?

What a heartwarming gesture. Thanks for sharing the story.


That is possible as I haven’t had scrapple before. No funky flavor. Not sure if that’s a clue…

Scrapple is just pork scraps ground down and mixed with cornmeal and flour and some spices. Here’s a couple of pics - sliced/uncooked and cooked.


I didn’t know scrapple was a thanksgiving tradition anywhere.
Wonder what the other meat was?

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It did look like your first pic, so I’m pretty sure you got it right!

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