A.O.C. which location

AOC used to be one of our special occasion dining destinations when we lived in LA. We are going back and right around a milestone bday. I was about to make a reservation and saw they’d added a Brentwood location to their original Hollywood one. Is one consistently better than the other foodwise? Service wise? Space/ambience/parking-wise? Thank you!


Thank you. Any more details as to why?

I just prefer the ambiance and interior decor/setup at the WeHo location.

The old Tavern location that AOC Brentwood occupies always feels a bit cold (the dining room area, not the bar).

Thank you. The new location opened well after we left LA. The midtown one had a really nice ambience, but we only have 1 day in town and depending on our other plans, we may not want to schlep around. I noticed too there is about 70% overlap between the menus, but not entirely so. Which means that the specific dishes in each that vary may be a factor.

Ummm, what is A.O.C.? As a NYer when I saw the title I wondered why a certain house rep was being referred to.

Restaurant in Los Angeles, owned by Suzanne Goin.