A Nostalgia site for old Tex-Mex restaurants

For locals and other interested parties with some time on their hands.

Jay P Francis has been fixated for years on visiting old Tex-Mex places, reporting on old menu items still being offered, etc. He’s also been collecting memorabilia and has launched a Facebook page.

Writer curates digital museum of early Tex-Mex (msn.com)

Bookmark the Facebook page and take a stroll when you have some time to remember how we used to live!

A menu from the Original Mexican Cafe in San Antonio, which Robb Walsh in his book called the first Tex-Mex restaurant… A Housewife’s recipe for West Texas style stacked enchiladas (corn cakes make a good substitute if you can’t get any tortillas from ‘the Mexicans’) …Did you know Houston had it’s own version of the puffy taco? Now very hard to find…


I think I ate at the Original Mexican Cafe when I was a wee one.

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In the previous Millennium, Ninfa’s.


When I read the thread title I thought of places like Chili’s and such.

Before there was today’s “Chili’s”, there was Chili’s on Chimney Rock [?] near Richmond [?] in Houston that fit the bill for a carload more than once.

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It wants me to download an app, so Ill skip this one…

Anybody remember Casa Gallardo?

I think I am remembering a Chili’s (chain) on Richmond at Fountain View, NE corner of the intersection. Back in the 70s until??? More recently there was a Krispy Kreme there but don’t know what now. I thought back then the chain was an outgrowth to the Texas Chili Parlor in Austin, which I hadn’t been to before I left Austin in 70. Chimney Rock had lots of little restaurants tucked in, including the first Fuddrucker’s here ca 1980 and a Woodrow’s, which served good chili, but I don’t remember a Chili’s along there.

Here’s a direct link to the Facebook page.
Used to eat at El Chico in Tulsa all the time. No mas.

NE corner rings a bell, regardless which North/South street. Thanks.