A nice walkthrough of dinner at Alinea

I went years ago for some anniversary. I’ve long since thrown out the souvenier menu but I will never forget the food and having chef Achatz himself create a Jackson Pollack like dessert masterpiece right on our tablecloth at meal’s end.

This woman made me remember this wonderful meal with words and pictures:


I took my daughter and her friend there. They enjoyed it.

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My parents went to Alinea to celebrate a milestone anniversary and elected to do the full tasting menu with wine pairings - I think it was 16 courses at the time. My dad isn’t a big drinker, so my mother, who likes her wine but is also kind of a lightweight AND can’t bear to waste anything, drank her pours and finished any that my dad didn’t. Almost immediately upon finishing the marathon, she excused herself and proceeded to upchuck the entire $1,000ish, 3+ hour experience in their very lovely ladies room.

Clearly this wasn’t the staff’s first rodeo, because they didn’t miss a beat - a floor manager was waiting outside the restroom to walk her back to the table afterwards and had already called them a cab. Needless to say, my mother will NEVER live that one down! :face_vomiting::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Phew…I’m not a lightweight and I’m not sure if I could keep up with your mom.

And bravo to the staff who took care of a potentially uncomfortable situation for your mom. I think we’ve all found ourselves in similar situations and probably with less solicitous help. :clap:


I’m boggled at this-- not the cost been aware of the $1k-ish dinners with pairings at 3 star spots for some years now (not that I’d ever pay that much!) – but there’s nothing on that menu that entices me. Also I agree w/ her criticism of having the dinner done for the room wasn’t cool. For that kind of money customized service should be the default.