A nice read about a 3 Michelin starred surfer/soba master

(Gary Soup) #1

"My aim was to master a craft and then return to traveling. I had three ideas: making soba, pulling a rickshaw or learning to forge swords. All three I could learn in my hometown, Kamakura. I also considered Japanese tattooing, but I knew I didn’t have the skills for that.

“In fact, I planned a tryout with the rickshaw company first. But it was raining really hard that day, and the soba master was closer to my home. Fate intervened.”


Interesting read. Looks like his Japanese shop will be closed in the near future. Sorry that he chooses Spain over France. :roll_eyes:


Odd he chose Barcelona - no surf in the med. He would be better off in San Sebastian or Biarritz far better waves.