A new thread, and its location

Is this in Milpitas?


Is it that difficult to mention what city a place is in?

And please don’t respond with “google it”
That would really be sad.

I see someone updated the post with the location,thank you.

It was already in the title the day it was posted.

I edited the title when I noticed Mission’s comment.

@Mission the next time someone forgets to post a location, you can private message them for clarification and/or to remind them to put locations in their post titles. You can also contact the mods.

I don’t agree. “Is this in Milpitas?” seems straightforward and easy to answer.Why not just answer another members question?

Besides the fact that other readers may have the same question.

If you are suggesting that anytime we have a question, in a discussion group, instead of posting it, we should privately message for the answer and if that doesn’t work we should notify the mod.Well, I think that is silly.

Because when someone doesn’t answer your question here, the best thing to do is to private message them for an answer :astonished:

I was suggesting that they contact the OP or a mod just to change the title of the post. I completely agree that bigger issues should be dealt with in public, rather than on private messages

I gotcha. My fault. I read it all wrong. I thought that you were the poster that didn’t answer the question and then you posted the above.

I am glad that we agree :pensive:

I’ve added a reminder to include city (and neighborhood) when a thread is started on this board (SF).


And when I (rudely) answered “er…no” hyperbowler had already added the location to the title, so I didn’t see that it was missing in the first place.

While it wasn’t my proudest moment here, I don’t think it was rude as much as it was just a misunderstanding. On both of our parts.


If you are at Trust Level 3, you can edit the title of other peoples’ threads. I’ve often added locations to new threads.


I’ve corrected some misspellings / shitty punctuation.

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