a new reason to return to Bouchon

there was a time when Bouchon was one of my top stops for sweets. i’ve had more than my share of the TKO and the Better Nutter and my wife could claim the same of their Oh-Oh (read: ho-ho). over the years, many of the newer pastry shops have taken my attention, namely Dominique Ansel, Maison Kayser, and HARBS. i’ve stopped at Bouchon on occasion, but wouldn’t go out of my way to get there.

with time to kill at Rockefeller Center today, i popped in thinking i’d get the same-old but instead saw some very attractive newness! the chocolate peanut butter cookie sandwich was an immediate obvious choice, but then i saw the cream puffs - a regular and a coffee option. of course, i took both plus the cookie.

the cream puffs were outstanding. the puffs, themselves, were crisp but tender and the creams were rich and flavorful. the plain had gobs of what i thought to be dulce de leche and the coffee had spots of chocolate. i foresee many more in the not distant future.

the chocolate peanut butter cookie will happen later tonight. meantime, here’s a photo to get you inspired: http://www.metro.us/new-york/whatever-i-order-won-t-be-a-miss-yes-there-is-good-food-and-drinks-in-midtown/zsJohz---qtIoVUsk5RXN/


I have to try the new stuff if I am in the area some time.

What do you like from their classic lineup? I like the vanilla macaron and the nutter butter cookies.

The kouign amann is worthy of the calories, love that nutter butter cookie too, and the pistachio macaron for me.
I think the time warner center location still has doughnuts (flavor varies) on weekend mornings-it’s been a while since i hit them right for one but damned was it good… Last time i went it was a yeast doughnut style, on par with fresh donut plant.

Cream puffs! Can’t remember last time i had one of those…
Is the chocolate pb cookie the same chocolate cookie as the TKO? I also remember really liking their oatmeal cookie.

the TKO and the Better Nutter were definitely my favorites, but i also really like their bacon cheddar scone and boston creme doughnut. their macarons were some of the best at a time when there were fewer options. been a while since i’ve had one, though.

really, the cream puffs are fantastic. they’re not being sold at Columbus Circle, meaning i’ve been in Rockefeller Center more than usual lately.

the chocolate peanut butter cookie is not the TKO cookie. it wasn’t that great, though. i’d have it again to be sure. a TKO/Better Nutter hybrid sounds like an idea that needs to happen.

Well crap. I diligently avoid rockafeller center!! Haha!
And in my head i thought it would be that TKO chocolate cookie with the better nutter pb filling… (Is that just too obvious for them to do?? They already make the components!)

I was actually gifted a bag of their who pays that much for granola once and remember it was delicious if you ever need to pick up a quicky hostess gift that’s a good one. (I’m high maintenance about granola and make my own)

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