A.N.S. Seafood ... Elmsford, NY

They continue to fly under the radar. Great product,
extremely fair prices and friendly customer service.
Has anyone been there recently besides me?

I had started a thread on Chowhound a couple of years ago. I believe
there are other fans of this place out there.


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And I fondly remember that thread, Chowdom! Thank you for the yummy tip. I bought king crab legs there for my 10th anniversary dinner last July and my hubby and I loved every morsel! I went there about 3 months ago and the fish (flounder) was delicious and the staff was super nice. A true gem that many people drive right past. My 11th anniversary meal is just around the corner, so guess where I’m headed?! :smile:

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So it was you…yup the king crab legs are coming back to me.
I sent my sister over there and she is a real PITA…they are always
patient with her and nice she loves everything she gets from them too.
I agree with you they are a treasure

Part of the family that owns A.N.S. lives across the street from a friend of mine
here in lower Westchester. My friends husband is from Ustica where
as a child and young adult he worked for his families fishing business. When he moved
to the US he opened his own fish store. He sold just around the time the
Fulton fish market closed/relocated and is currently the meat / seafood manager of a high
end small grocery chain in Westchester…point of the story… he said “it doesn’t
get better than A.N.S.”
Happy Anniversary

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I haven’t been recently but I have been a few times. I bought stone crab claws from them a couple of years ago and my husband loved them.

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Yet another place for me to put on my Westchester list!

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Wow - what a testimony for this place! Thanks so much chowdom! :grin:

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