A lovely ode to the Deluxe Town Diner, Watertown MA

This is a lovely read, and makes me want to support the Deluxe Town Diner.


I’m not surprised…

A former co worker and dear friend lives
within walking distance of this diner.
The two of us and her guide dog had breakfast there
together for the first time shortly after she moved to the area.

The only concern from staff was the safety and comfort of the
dog…They didn’t make a big deal of it …it was
a very matter of fact exchange upon being greeted.
It’s surprising how infrequently this happens…

It is a very busy place, Sunday mornings they are jammed.
My friend decided that future visits to the diner
would not include her dog, because space is limited and
it is so busy…no big deal… more for the sake of the comfort of the dog.

The food is very good…, Infinitely better than any diner food
in Westchester County, NY and surrounds were I live. Why
on earth do we not have diner food like that here?

Ps IMO the diner walks a fine line between offering entertainment
and sensory overload… Won’t work for all kids on the spectrum but
I can definetly see how it would work really well for some.


This was a great read. Thanks, Bear, and thank you to the Deluxe for making all members of our community welcome.


thank you so much for sharing. xo


Was glad to be reminded of this lovely story when I went to write up the food here.

A colleague of mine has recently been obsessed with the turkey club at Deluxe Town Diner so several times in the last couple of months we have schlepped over here for lunch. It is a schelp (we work on the Lexington-Bedford border) but he has no trouble talking us into it because the food is so good. I tried the turkey club and it was indeed very good (and so are their fries and coleslaw) but my go-to is the cup of soup/half sandwich combo. Their house-made chicken noodle soup is excellent and full of large chunks of tender chicken. You get a 10 oz mug of it plus a very large half sandwich – their tuna is really good! – plus a pickle spear and a package of oyster crackers. All this for $7.95.

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