A Little Rant about Luc's - Ridgefield, CT

I have a like/hate relationship with this place. Well, mostly not my favorite. But DH loves it and last time we went they did have a wonderful roast duck (not this time) - very unusual. But first off, they really don’t care about their patrons - or thats’s how it feels. The wait staff is fine, but the place is uncomfortable - there are very few places to sit where you feel the air conditioning. The place is very dark inside and you are on top of the table next to you. The food is French bistro. DH loves the steak tartare and always gets the rack of lamb, which he also loves. I find they use way too much tarragon and it puts me off. But here is the rant part - the tables are very small and they load them up - olives, bread basket, bottle of water (they serve their tap water in a bottle that they leave on the table), the obligatory little candle. Oh, and a big no no on Top Chef Restaurant Wars - no place to put your bread once you take a piece so eat the whole thing or on the table it goes. Last night, at my tiny table, I knocked into the water bottle which spilled all over me, along with the ramekin of ketchup they gave me for my frites. I also kept feeling the flame from the little candle - I could not get away from it. Then, DH wanted espresso and he is diabetic. Guess what. They choose not to serve artificial sweeteners. Why? Anyone else been here or any place similar?

I complained about Luc’s a number of times in the old tristate CH, though getting pushback from its stalwart defenders. So, I couldn’t agree more, Winecountrygirl.

Very Parisian snob attitude at the FOH and BOH leaves much to be desired. Their Moules Frites is totally bland, a dish that should pop with flavors.

Too dark, too loud, and too crowded seating.

There is someone at FOH we know from his very short stint at Vox, so he is pleasant to us - such as that it. There is one waiter there that I like. I totally agree - too dark, too loud and too crowded seating and I’ll add one. The lack of AC - you either sit where it blows right on you or where you don’t feel it at all. I sat there absolutely dripping one time. As I recall, JFood was not a fan either!

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