A Little Love For Tavolo. (Boston, MA)

Not much mention of Tavolo at Ashmont Station, but this place always delivers. Like eating at Nona’s. Piccolo: Madiera Braised Mushrooms that make you sop up every bit of the juice with their really good bread (house made I think). Great app for $5.

For dinner my Wife had the Garlic Bread Special and the Antipasto with all the goodies you’d expect at Grandma’s. Took home more than half for a little snowstorm lunch today.

I had the Spicey Clams app (with garlic and chorizo), over their homemade Tagliatelle. Oh boy, did I leave there happy! None of that went home! Did I mention the clams were delicious and fresh, fresh, fresh!

The menu is simple but with plenty of good ideas to make you happy. Deserts are pretty good too. Make sure to try one or two.

I Really Enjoyed (again),

We’ve been there a few times for parties. Food is always good and we always want to go back.

I really like Tavolo, too. They also make a classic spaghetti and meatballs that always hits the spot.

Funny you should mention the S&M. Was going to order that until I saw the Spicey Clams come out of the kitchen.
Glad you enjoy it.

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I love, love that they kept that polenta and mushroom appetizer from the late lamented Icarus on Appleton Street in the South End.

I miss Icarus also.

I think that the best restaurant meal I ever had in Boston was at Icarus.

They also had Jazz dinners there. That was a double treat; music and great food.
Really Enjoyed,

OK, C-Dan

So YOU are the guy that orders the clams over pasta!!! Brian told us to do that and it was really yummy!!


Glad you liked it. It’s now my favorite dish there. And at $22.00 I think it’s really worth it. They gave me lots of clams, and I really love their pasta. Glad you enjoyed it.

I likea da meatballs at Tavolo.