A list out of The Best Dive Bars in the U.S.A.

Been to any of them?

Me? Only one, Dino’s in Nashville, TN (20 some years ago!)

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The Urban/Rural divide rears its head.
I have a feeling that there are more than a few Bob’s Country Bunker type places that are real cinder block biker dive bars. They just aren’t in the hipster enclaves in her list of hipster cities.
Several right around here!
End of rant :slight_smile:

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None. Does “dive” here mean “no blender” in addition to respectably seedy? (Managed to score two on the related diner list link.) Sla’inte.

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Thank your lucky stars. Keeps the real dive bars off the radar.


How Mount Royal Tavern in Baltimore failed to make this list is beyond me…

And then there’s the kind of place surrounded by pickups memorialized in the Moe Bandy/Joe Stampley song: “Tell Ole I Ain’t Here He’d Better Get on Home”.

The first rule is:
A dive bar doesn’t know it’s a dive bar.