A Limited-Edition Diamond Reserve Hot Sauce for Tabasco's 150 anniversary

The gold foil-topped bottles are on sale now on Tabasco’s website for $35 apiece.


I’m a big fan of hot sauces and chiles in general, though I’m not a person who would pay $35 for fancy Tabasco.

If anybody does taste this limited-edition stuff, I would be interested to hear if it’s truly special or a marketing play. You can probably imagine what my guess is. :wink:

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'These peppers are mashed with a small amount of salt, then aged - some for up to fifteen years - and blended with sparkling white wine vinegar. ’

Why sparkling though?


Maybe Tabasco wanted the sauce to seem fancier. Bubbly and celebration-worthy kind of like Champagne?

Not a big fan of hot sauce, but I think this is pretty cute.

Do these have serial numbers?

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I love hot sauce and there’s a different application for the many bottles in my pantry. The only thing I use Tabasco in is a Bloody Mary. I just never took to it. For Louisiana foods, Crystal or Cajun Chef are my standards.

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I’d think by the time one uses it, all the bubbles are gone…

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I’m also a fan of Crystal hot sauce and prefer it over Tabasco, @Lambowner. I’m not familiar with Cajun Chef. Of the two sauces, do you have a favorite?

Lack of additives—no artificial color, no
xanthan gum— is something I appreciate about Crystal. When I use hot sauce, I use A LOT and would rather avoid that stuff.

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They are very similar. In NOLA, Crystal is the prefered I’ve noticed.

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