A headdesk for the cheese crowd from Publix

Anyone else who appreciates cheese will snicker and/or sob over this one…

This is an ad at Publix (our southeastern US grocery chain) for a great new imported cheese. It’s actually really good cheese – but where to begin?

The TV ad features a woman telling her partner that this cheese is from an island just outside the UK (mmm, okay, I guess Isle of Man is sort of outside the UK, even if it’s a Crown dependencey).

Then they give the name. Cheddar, with a capital C. From the Isle of Man.

@Harters, I thought you in particular would get a chuckle…

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I snickered and then sobbed. A bit. Then I recalled the potential lawsuit regarding PornHub and Parmigiano Reggiano: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/love-sex/pornhub-could-be-sued-by-agency-in-charge-of-parmigiano-reggiano-parmesan-cheese-over-vulgar-advert-10452794.html

I’m just choosing to follow the path of being glad that the US is finally realizing that cheese is not supposed to be a block of garish orange rubber.

Or sticky, slippery slices of waxy orange stuff wrapped in plastic sleeves?

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