A good read - how good restaurant memories persist

In my research of Yee Foo Won Ton, I came across this old Chowhound thread from 2006. I did not have internet at that time so I wasn’t participating or reading food forums. The children of the owner of a notable Chinatown restaurant start participating more and more in the discussion. I really enjoyed the read and thought others might to. There’s some dishes I’m really curious about (“beef under snow”, almond duck). I hope you enjoy to the abrupt end.


The ending is typical.:disappointed:

Thanks for posting about it.

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Yep. Even now it’s hard to believe the CH PTB could actually be that lunkheaded. Aside from anything else, the posters weren’t just reminiscing (which anyone interested in food history should have been thrilled to read), they were describing how dishes were made. But of course, characterizing a discussion as “chatty” was always the big CH sneer even before this time period - it was almost the most insulting thing Leff himself could think to say about a thread.


It’s a shame because they were building momentum toward finally recording and compiling the much loved recipes. That was squashed. Now perhaps the kids never followed through with filming the much admired chef. Who knows?

Another useful discussion was where the former cooks were working now. CH team suggested if there’s a special dish you remember then post a question asking where you can find it. But what if it’s there’s a special cook I remember and where is he cooking now? I bet if they would allow it if the discussion was where is Atelier Crenn or Thomas Keller cooking nowadays? (No particular reason I chose those two; I just know their names.)

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