A funny thing happened on the way to the bargain store....

The towns of Baarle Hertog and Baarle Nassau, sit either side of the Belgium/Netherlands border. Of course, for many years, the border is nominal as there is free movement within the EU. Effectively it is one town. But there are differences between the two countries.

For the Dutch speaking Belgians who live in Baarle Hertog, shopping in their own country has been tricky as there is a very severe lockdown with all but the most essential shops closed. But for the Dutch speaking Dutch in Nassau, it’s much easier with many shops being open.

Which brings me to bargain store Zeemans, which sits directly on the border. So shoppers from both towns can visit the shop - but they can’t buy men’s clothing as this part of the shop is in Belgium and is closed.


“The Dutch speaking Dutch…”? :grin:

Do they have a barrier between the men’s section and the other sections? :thinking:

Yes. According to the report I read, it is cordoned off.