A funeral for fish & chips - by Tom Lamont



That’s an amazingly well written story - albeit sad to lose what is, to many, a culture of the chippy shops. Hopefully some of them remain strong.


Maybe it’s because I have been watching years and years of The Great British Menu", and reading every "Hamish Macbeth " story, but I had to read the whole thing! The Hamish stories frequently refer to the fishing industry.

This; "if you’d kept coming, even just once a fortnight, it might have been different.”

Every time a store closes in my wee town I feel a little guilty, but clearly there is more to the story.


I’ve also read all of the Hamish books and really like them. I recently watched the tv version. They got everything wrong including no wild cat and had the totally wrong kind of dog!


Thanks for the heads up! I was just about to spring for an Acorn subscription!

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Gosh, that’s from ages ago. Must be 20 years or thereabouts since it was on in the UK.

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Acorn was having a free trial in the US so I tried it. I just get so annoyed when tv/movie people buy the rights to a book series with interesting characters and change everything completely!


Or when they cast an actor who just isnt “right” for the character.


I’m going with the image of Hamish’s red hair and the dog and the ex-gf-news anchors “odd colored eyes” I have imagined,

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