A Festival is cancelled, because...

This really saddens me. For so many reasons.

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First, they came for the taco trucks.

Yep, pretty depressing news, that.

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Just leaving this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_3dDNPwJTU

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Wow!!! Very interesting that every single officer let them pass. Wonder where the videos are of any that didn’t.

I’m pretty sure the driver was allowed to pass because there was no legitimate reason to stop him. Which he knew, and the ICE officers also knew. But perhaps others would not.

Yes that’s the point of the video. They have no authority to check your papers in that manner outside border crossing. Fortunately I’m in nj and checkpoints like that are unheard of.

Well, sure. I guess I’m a little surprised at how well trained they all were that they really couldn’t stop him.

I’ve been hoping that this post might generate positive comments about past Cinco de Mayo festivals in Philadelphia. Foods, music , other cultural exposures that will be missed this May 5th…

We have Border Patrol checkpoints in Texas maybe fifty miles inland. I would not suggest resisting the Federal officers.

But that’s what I found fascinating in the video. The driver was very careful with his words, as were the officers, but one could easily imagine that scenario going badly. You just have to wonder if there’s more video. This one was a ‘how to resist’ tutorial, but there could be another about what to do if it goes sideways.

I think it would go sideways in a hurry with the Border Patrol.

I love my sanctuary city.

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