A drive down memory lane, our favorite car related food memories..................


Almost like asking “which is your favorite child”.

The LT1 small block was a screamer. The tach was out when I took her home. After I finally hooked up an aftermarket Autometer® in her, I was shocked to find that I had been easily redlining at 8k rpm when I was punching it. That beast was a barely tamed down drag car.

G60 x 15" T/A’s on American’s on four corners. That was big rubber for street driven cars in those days. Now I see motorcycles on the street with bigger shoes.


Man what a cool thread! I’ve got to post some stuff but in the meantime, who names their cars? I give a name to all my cars. Silly but fun lol. Let’s see…

Land shark (named after the tail fins)
Land yacht
Green machine
Old gold
Old blue
The van piece
The space shuttle
BB (black bronco)
Blue devil

I have to think about some more :smile:


Only one of my cars has earned a name.

A 1977 tan SAAB.

That car will always be embedded in my memory as:



Wow…nice ride!

OK let me get back to you guys in a bit but I have a cool fishing story involving the land yacht. Ahhh…to be young and dumb again!


OK folks, get yourself a cocktail ready and pour one for me

When I was a kid I went out fishing in September. The weather is normally great but fishing isn’t too good. It is the transition from summer fish to fall and it is an awkward time in nj for fishing.

The weather can be epic and I decide to take the boat out to enjoy an awesome day on the water.

I decide to just mess around and fish for bluefish. There isn’t much to fish for.

I made some rigs that I crimped with super heavy wire and it was totally overkill for bluefish.

We start fishing and get a few. Suddenly my rod doubles over and starts screaming from a rod holder! I knew something was wrong. I’m looking around to see a boat as I thought I was caught in the running gear of a passing boat. There is no boat close to us. At that point I’m like “wtf is going on?”

The reel is peeling off line like nothing I’ve seen. I had no clue what was up. Striped bass don’t take line like this, nor do rays which swim slower but can tear line off. I thought about a big sturgeon but they don’t swim that fast either. I was baffled and we start the motor to chase this thing.

I’m fishing with a Penn 850ss spooled with over 300 yards of trilene big game, 20lb. This was before braided line was around.

After an hour of chasing this thing I finally see a fin. Shark!

We were just messing around fishing and next thing you know I have a beast of a shark. A boat sees me wailing on this shark and they approach. We had no gaff so they carefully approached and gave us their gaff. Once the shark gets close we gaff if and bend the hook out. This was a solid gaff, aftco brand. I felt bad we ruined their gaff but fisherman help each other out.

The fight continues.

We finally get this monster to the boat and tail it. We tie it off and we won the war…so far.

We start to motor back home with this shark tied off. The wind is blowing west so the ocean is calm. The Sandy hook peninsula is a 7 mile stretch and will shelter you from west wind. Once you enter back into the bay the water can get really rough. It can be calm as can be in the ocean close to shore but the bay can be a mess. It was indeed a mess. Once we get around the hook, the seas are tough. We start plowing through waves and once we start getting into the waves the boat is pounding.

Suddenly the shark flips into the boat and starts going ballistic! My uncle jeff was driving and he runs up to the front (center console)

so it’s Jeff, Billy and I in the front of the boat with a huge shark trashing around in the back! No one is at the helm. We are trying to hold on as the boat is going full speed into the rough bay. Wind against tide sucks! So we have three dudes holding on trying to not get launched overboard while this shark is going fuc*ING nuts!

Panic mode sets in.

Billy decides to take his shirt off and wet it. We throw the shirt over the head and this worked to our advantage. Then we shove it’s head into a bucket and throw the boat into neutral. We toss the shark overboard and motor home.

We finally get home and we won the battle! (So I think)

We put the shark into my black buick, also known as the land yacht. The trunk could probably fit 2 coffins! Why we kept this thing, I have no clue. It was something that you probably will never see and it was really an amazing fishing accomplishment. I was young and dumb and it happened.

So now that I have this shark curled into my buick trunk I had to decide what to do with it. I decided I wanted to barter for some food. I was starving.

I decide to drive to some Chinese places and go to 4 places

A) I get denied. They didn’t want it

B) the lady wants it and comes outside to see it. She gets sketched out. Billy is a big dude with a shaved head and I think she thought he was a cop I believe.

C) I go inside and meet the owner. He is very interested and I bring him outside to show him the shark. As I approach the land yacht we suddenly hear this crazy noise from the trunk. It was like someone was banging on the trunk with a golf club! The shark is going insane in the trunk and its tail is banging on the trunk like a raped ape. Lol. It has been out of water for well over an hour! It is going insane! The Chinese gentleman freaks out and runs away screaming something in his language haha! It was like he saw a ghost. I can’t make this shit up! So I’m three strikes down.

D) I then chill in the land yacht and decide what to do and let the shark chill out. I go to place 4. I finally decide to get this thing out of my car. I got some food and 30 bucks. That was some really tasty beef lomein!

Of course this is a fictional story :slight_smile:

And yes, I have a pic. I have to snap a pic at my parents. My dad has a pic in his shed. Photo shopped :smile:

@jcostiones I’m sure you have some gulf stories!


Name these cars in movies.

The cruising vessel
Melba toast


That really made me laugh, among other things.

I cut my teeth on 12 pound Trilene Big Game and still use it for bay and surf fishing.


I had a 79 GMC truck that I named the lunch box . Paper wrappers on the floor . Smelled like lunch. Always ate on the jobsite.


I had a 78 GMC and an illegal plant sprouted in the dirt between the carpet and the kick panel. I kept it alive for a few weeks but by a horrible accident killed it.


Haha! I used to bite through 80lb mono but I finally got smart and learned to cut it. Man I did some dumb stuff when I was young.

I have a plant story too but I don’t think I can tell it on here lol. It involved “the van piece” , some camo, tin snips, and a hurricane…cool story! Use your imagination. Another very dumb idea of mine that my buddy talked me into.

(erica) #31

The Car Talk episode wherein the brothers Magliozzi peppered Martha Stewart with questions about cooking food on a car engine. They mentioned a cookbook (NOT hers!) about this. I think the title is Manifold Destiny…