A cookbook with 17,500 pages by Ferran Adrià

Does anybody still write encyclopedia books? Curious… The collection could be interesting, but not sure if printed matter is the solution.

A few lines from the article.

Originally conceived of as “world’s first culinary Wiki,” an online database which would “hold every bit of gastronomic knowledge ever uncovered,” Adrià now tells Eater that there will be 35 books of 500 pages each to be released in the next four years. (…)

“It’s the biggest encyclopedia ever made in the world, not just for food,” Adrià says. (General consensus is that Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia in human history.) “Our goal is to share all the knowledge we have been researching about food and all the other issues that are related to that.”

One book will cover the Paleolithic and Neolithic era, also due in 2018. Per its subtitle, this will be a “history of gastronomic restoration.”