A cheese "novelty" service in London...

Just dropped into my news feed.
Significant, the emphasis the owners trumpet English cheeses.


I would keep returning until I have tried all the cheeses. However, I don’t like the idea of food being so close to people and they can touch it. No way.

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Good point. Very good point.

The video shows the plates are covered, as has been the case with conveyor belt sushi and hot pot I’ve been to. No unwashed humanity breathing all over it!

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My ad blockers must be blocking the video. I don’t see any video.

Better with cover. Best if the cheeses are under glass counter and I will order from the other side.

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However, it did creep me out that Hot Pot World put raw chicken out on the conveyor belt. From trusting the diner to cook it fully to the potential to contaminate your utensils or dining area … problematic.

In Japan it’s possible to eat raw chicken but I wouldn’t want to try.

And foreigners think it’s totally unnecessary to machine wash drink glasses in some Nordic countries. Craft beer bars in Norway said it’s required by law to machine wash glasses. I don’t trust anyone hand washing anything. Wish we had this law here.

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We saw this place as we happened to pass by on its second day of operation, but didn’t eat there.


Just like kaiten-zushi. The moving cheese would drive me a bit bonkers. So, at the end of the day I like the idea of promoting British cheeses but not the format.


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