a cakey hermit?

Does anyone have a recipe for a cakey hermit? Brother of a friend has requested one such and my recipe, along with almost every one on the internet, is for chewy ones.

Thanks for your help !

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Maybe over-bake this recipe?
*“Be careful not to overbake these bars. If you do, you’ll get something that’s more like a cake-type brownie”

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I’ve only had the cakey kind in Canada, I will find a recipe.

thank you both! So curious about the Canada/ cakey connection!

It might just be the ones I’ve had. There’s a bakery called Henrietta’s in Dwight, ON that’s known for their Hermits.

Looks like Cdn recipes often call for dates.

Btw, I’ve only had bakery versions and other baker’s versions, I haven’t made any of these recipes.

There are a number of hermit cake recipes online… maybe just integrate one of those with your recipe to get more of a cake-like texture.

I like Ina Garten’s spicy hermits…

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thank you Phoenikia

The Magpie recipe states that it is a cakey cookie which is exactly what I’m looking for. I think there’s more science to it than just baking longer which I 'm pretty sure will just make a crispy, harder cookie.

I appreciate your help.

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In my experience, the cakier Choc chip cookies usually have more flour and baking powder relative to butter and sugar. More butter makes them crispier and possibly chewier, less baking powder makes them spread more. An extra egg might make them cakier. There could be other factors like pan and temperature at play. The dates might also change things a bit.

Good luck! Please post a photo!

Magpie recipe:
“ These soft and chewy cookies…”

Of course.

If you see molasses or a higher proportion of brown sugar among the ingredients, that’s a good indicator of chewy outcome.

Creaming butter and sugar will usually yield something fluffier.

And baking time does impact moist/fudgy vs cakey outcome — brownies being a prime example.

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*The photos and this quote lead me to believe this is close to what I’m looking for.

" Drop by tablespoon onto a cookie sheet. If you want them flatter, slightly press them down. I like mine cakey."

Thanks for the article and insight. I’ve been down the texture rabbit hole with chocolate chip cookies. Got that tee shirt.
I always come here to look for tried and true, which to me is the best test of all.