A Brief History of Jojos, Which Are from the Pacific Northwest and Not the...


Interesting @bbqboy - love me some Jojo’s! Haven’t had any for years, though.


Goodness, I’ve not had - nor thought about - jojos in years. There is (was?) a truck stop outside of Portland that sold them both in the cafe and the minimart; was a usual stop and purchase for me on my way through that area.

Edited to add: My cousin recalls a couple places in The Dalles - this would have been prior to the bioterrorism attack - that sold jojos. Their family would grab some on drives between Portland and Pendleton.

Cousin says his mom refused to stop in The Dalles after that and wouldn’t let the kids eat anything from gas stations/minimarts. Now he is craving jojos, too.

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Due to enhanced perception because of this topic recently, I noticed a gas station/convenience store, local to me, that was selling jojo’s along with chicken. Big signs in the windows! Not sure I’d eat them at that particular place, but who knows…maybe.

Also, brought back lots of memories about a place long ago, near to a workplace of mine. A few of us at lunch would run down there, get some, and eat them in a nearby park. They were soooo good, and we were always sorry when they were gone. Don’t know what they did to make theirs so delicious. Oh, those were the days! And, of course, we thought they’d never end. But they did. Damnit!


Take the plunge. I’ll bet the chicken is great too :yum:


Ok, I’ll give it a try and report back @bbqboy. Stay tuned.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold