a blast from the past in the ny times...

this brings back a lot of memories for this boomer…

Cute article and film I do wonder if the political thesis is a stretch but certainly how we perceive nourishment is the result of the world around us. For sure eating local and seasonal was old hat and technology foods new and exciting. I am always fascinated by these mid century foods because they never made any headway into my familly’s ethnic Italian-American table. I do wider how much people actually ate like this and how much was aspirational.

I swear I just retched involuntarily reading this…

yes, reading it is indeed revolting. however, to those of us of a certain age, endearingly familiar.

I just picture a cut scene from Austin Powers

The quick shot in the film of the man stirring his coffee with a hot dog reminds me of a story my father, a WWII vet, told. At mess, one of the soldiers would always stir his coffee with a hot dog. His friends, disgusted, would ask how he could do that and the response would be, “Why not? It’s all cereal, anyhow.”

And, FWIW, these dishes are not necessarily dead. Just this past week, a round version of the party sandwich loaf took 3rd place in an egg competition at the NC State Fair.
Tea Sandwich Cake Recipe

Myself I wonder how much of it was,as they say on Project Runway, editorial. Food editor has to fill pages and put something in there that people will remember. The clickbait of its day.