94% of Parisians live within a 5 minute walk to a bakery


So what do the other 6% do?

That’s always been one of the great things I have found about staying in Paris. There was alway a close by bakery.


My guess is that a lot of them are in the 16th and have domestics to go out and fetch the bread. I’m not being snide; parts of the 16th were only developed in the 20th century and based on the English high street model rather than the historic Paris/European model of stores on the street level on most streets.

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Onzieme, correct me on this, but I believe that by law one boulangerie and one pharmacy are required to be open in each arrondisement during the August closures.

I’ll leave that to others with more knowledge than I, but it would not surprise me in the least.

Since 2014, that law about bakeries closure is eliminated. Every bakery is free to close as they like, so everybody takes their days off in July and August, a nightmare to find bread.

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It often happens that visitors walk long distances for what’s supposed to be the best croissant or best baguette in Paris when the boulangerie just around the corner from their hotel or apt can be just as good and sometimes better.

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There were no less than 3 within 5 minutes in my small town…and 7 within 10 minutes’ walk.