9 Tips to Stretch Your Food Budget


Thanks for the gift link! One thing I have noticed since returning to the US is that while food prices are indeed quite high, if one looks at supermarket sale ads, whether they be online or in print, amazing savings can be had.

I find this especially true of ethnic or small chain store markets. I’m very aware that many people don’t have the, for lack of a better word, “luxury” of having such markets where they live and in places like Manhattan, non-chain markets may actually be higher than the chains, but if you have the time (and so many DON’T) and such markets exist, fantastic savings CAN BE had.


I’ll also chime in w/ mucho appreciation for gift links! :tada:


Where do LV ethnic grocers advertise?
We have a fair amount and growing number of ethnic grocers/eat places but no publications save for one Mexican monthly free magazine, which is great for the ads.

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For me, I look at the grocery store circulars the day before (on-line), get up early, apply my digital coupons, shop when they open (so the good sale items aren’t gone) then use some & freeze items for later use.

I also check the clearance items – meat, produce, dented cans, etc. All good deals to be had!!

My neighbor lets me pick apples from his Golden Dorsett apple tree. He takes what he wants, then I usually pick a 5 gallon bucket of leftover apples. I peel, core, dip them in a water/lemon juice solution, then freeze. I have apple desserts all year!! We haven’t had to buy apples in years!!


Around here, those grocers typically post their weekly sales circulars on their websites. So I check those before heading out for a major shop. LA Mart, K Market, H Mart, etc.


Neither my sister nor I subscribe to any printed newspapers, so unfortunately I can’t tell you which publications include such ads. I look at them online either directly on the store’s site or on an aggregate site. The two stores where I have club cards with send me emails with their ads as well. But I also pick up the printed circulars of each supermarket I go into just in case I miss something on sale and that I can let my sister see them.

I don’t see many “dented can” things on sale here in Las Vegas. Here, the best bets are on day old bakery items and produce. What puzzles me is where the mass produced bakery items sold here in Las Vegas go.

There is a Hostess Bakery outlet way on the other side of town in a very bad neighborhood, but there are no outlet stores for the other brands and they’re not sold in the supermarkets. Bimbo Brands, owner of such labels as Entenmann’s, Orowheat, Arnold’s, etc. used to have an outlet store but now they only have occasional charity bake sales which are open to the public.

I hope the other day old baked goods are being donated to food banks and not thrown away.

There is a Grocery Outlet in Las Vegas.


I remember seeing a “Dirty Jobs” episode where the owner of a large pig farm (just outside of Las Vegas) was purchasing leftover buffet food and other “out of date” food stuffs. He was feeding it all to the pigs.

Perhaps he has a contracted with various bakeries to buy the day old bread/bakery items, as well.

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Yes, thanks.

One of the authors’ points I’d like to emphasize is the one about store brands. Several times over the past year, I’ve seen taste tests where store brands have either won or missed by a nose. IIRC, some of the winners were from Walmart’s brands.


There is one store (near me) that bundles produce about to go bad. It’s a big bag of just about anything. The other day, I got a bag with 6 tomatoes and 6 avocados in it for 99 cents. I’ll turn that into a salad with the little bit of lettuce I have left.

Another store had a 4 pound chunk of fully cooked (boneless) ham on clearance for $4.28. I’m going to use that in several meals. I’ll dice some and put it in a potato corn chowder, dice some more & mix it in a pasta dish. I might slice it thin dredge it in flour, egg and bread crumbs and fry it up – Crispy Ham Slices??

It will make quite a few meals.


Yes, I’ve been a few times and used to go to one when I lived in Portland, OR as well. I can never leave the store empty handed.

But in my experience, they tend to carry discontinued items and not items which are soon to expire, etc.

I’ve seen stories about leftover food from buffets being fed to pigs here. And per my sister. employees of the casino hotels where there are buffets are also served that food in the employee cafeteria.

I don’t have any info about day old bakery items, though so you may be right.

I often see good prices on fairly fresh marked down meats here, but my sister isn’t too fond of the smell of meats so I haven’t bought any.

I did buy 5 organic bananas the other day for $0.99 and they were good.

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If memory serves, the owner of this particular pig farm had a large cauldron type cooker. He would boil everything down, add some type of binder to the mix and feed it to the pigs. He had quite an operation.

It was good to see that the leftover buffet food, etc. went somewhere and wasn’t being wasted.


In New England here - but the bigger Asian stores locally can have their own point and reward system, and so if you sign up, you get a weekly email with savings. Most will also just post them all over the storefront windows, if they don’t have a fancier CRM system.

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You can score a lot of end-of-day food through the Too Good to Go app, but you have to be willing to accept whatever they give you.

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Check out put the Flipp app. I browse it occasionally; friend’s mom recommended

Thank you! Currently my smartphone (iPhone) is set to the Japan Apple App Store because I am dependent on many Japan-only apps. The app you recommended is only available from the US Apple App Store. I’ll likely switch to the US Apple App store after the new year. I’ll download that app after that point.