9 Predictions for How We’ll Eat in 2024

I’ll save you some time (and myself my last gift link for the month/year):

Snacky foods

Water “sommeliers” :joy:


Savory martinis (I’d posted an article specifically about this trend before)

“Real” foods (so new! so shiny! :roll_eyes:)

Complex heat (hey - I’m all for it :hot_face:)

AI (bc duh)


And lastly, the dish of the year: soup. Might make the search for the DOTM a little easier come 2024.


I feel like food writers keep trying to make this a thing.

Martinis are naturally savory. Olives are savory.

Not everyone takes olives in theirs. I have a preference for twists (orange, lemon, grapefruit - depending on the gin) - olives are an exception for me.

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Sure, but let’s operate on the assumption that the opposite of savory is sweet. “Savory Martinis” implies that the default martini is sweet, and savory would be a departure. But it is not.

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Perhaps I shoulda stuck to the NYT phrasing of “Sipping your supper” vs. my own, although I generally prefer my suppers to be on the savory spectrum. They’re talking about MSG martinis, chicken broth martinis, and Caprese martinis - Shirley you recall the thread :wink:

My martinis are neither savory nor sweet :woman_shrugging:

I do! I might be able to get behind a Caprese. Some of my favorite drinks are food-like. I love bloody marys. One of my most sorely missed bars served a drink called a Staff Meal, which involved carrot juice. And another of my most sorely missed bars served a drink which was basically alcoholic borscht.

Yeah, I feel like I’ve been hearing about water sommeliers for a few years now. Super not interested. I’m waiting for gluten to make a comeback. Can’t be far off.


Yeah, the Caprese was the only one I thought I’d like, but I prefer to eat my foods and drink my drinks. Not a smoothie person, either - while I still have most of my teeth :slight_smile:


Correction: I feel like food writers keep trying to make BS a thing.

That’s a way broader swipe than I would ever make.

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I feel like the revenge of gluten has been in full swing for a while.

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I can’t call any martini I’ve ever had “sweet.”

I think I’ll practice reviewing waters to go with the sommelier concept.

"Wispy notes of fluoride. "

“Diss sht’s perfect with ice!”

“Can turn a tad bitter when it’s cooled to less then 38 degrees.”

" I think this water actually made me thirstier." (Aquafina)

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Feel the same about smoothies; a waste of calories. My son gave the house a Ninja blender for the holidays. He is a protein shake lover and the only one who will regularly use it


Whenever I see a GNC store with its massive jars of protein powder I feel nothing but pity for those ingesting that shit. But hey - different strokes :woman_shrugging:

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