7th Wave [Rockport MA]

On the heels of a very successful food day in Westport and Tiverton, we headed north, to Rockport MA on a glorious Sunday. After some unbelievable parking karma, I made a beeline to Tuna Wharf, where one of my favorite shops, good, has relocated from Beacon Hill for the summer. The space is a jewel box of a shop, practically floating on top of the water. Paul and I chatted a bit and he strongly endorsed Market in Annisquam, which we’ve been eager to try but whose dinner hours are not compatible with spring onion (we never spend the night, only day trips). They are finally doing brunch, which is my least favorite meal, but I think they serve lunch-y items, too. We have plans to check it out next time we’re in town.

Spring onion was getting a bit snack-y by then so around 12:30 pm we headed straight across the way, to 7th Wave, which we’ve walked by a million times. Proximity won out over checking out reviews, etc. Roof deck was unfortunately full but the dining room was almost empty. We got a table next to a big window with great views. Lobster roll for me, lobster BLT for B. When I saw “secret spices” mentioned in the menu description, I got very nervous, but we both needed our lobster fix. The actual roll was a bit too large for me but nicely griddled. I don’t know how much lobster meat in weight, but there was quite a bit. Lobster was really fresh-tasting and cooked without a hint of rubberyness. And the secret spices? Well, I must say, this is the first lobster roll I think I’ve ever had with a taste of garlic and something else. And to my surprise, we both liked it, after our first inquisitive bites. Fries looked hand-cut and were fried quite well. Very friendly service. And the empty dining room in an instant was packed to the gills, but our server still managed a smile. We walked off our substantial lunches by heading to Old Garden Beach. Nice end to a truly fantastic weekend.