7ATE9 Bakery, Somerville, MA

After getting my hair cut today, I realized that I didn’t need meat from M.F. Dulock, so I stepped into the 7ATE9 bakery. This is a strange space. Considering the size, there is very little food on display. There is a small case to the right and inside there were small containers of chicken salad and hummus. Next to this are even smaller containers of flavored cream cheese. On the lower shelf, there are the cheesecakes. On the top of the display, there is a second display of bagels. The bagels are made by Better Bagels, a incubator startup. They looked good, but I didn’t buy one. They have coffee in pots but not enough traffic to make this a go-to for coffee. There were some glass jars with cookies. There was also a cooler with drinks, but I didn’t study those.

Instead, I focused on cheesecake. I selected a lemon cheesecake, after inhaling deeply when I saw the price tag. $12.00 for a 4" cheesecake. Pretty steep. Well, we just had a piece of this cake and it is worth every penny! This is a light, and very lemony cheesecake. No off flavors. No gumminess. Not too sweet. Just enough tang. This is one very, valid cheesecake.

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Oh, almost forgot:

199C Highland Ave
Somerville, MA 02143


Thank you for giving it a try! Do they sell slices or individual cheesecakes, or is the 4" cheesecake the smallest they sell?

I’d been very curious about this place and genuinely wondering if a bakery could get by specializing in something like cheesecake, but I’m glad their product holds up.

They make a 1" cheesecake as well! Pretty adorable. It was maybe $4 a piece or 3 for $10, but I might have the numbers a little off.

I walked in as well after going to MF Dulock and was surprised by how little was on display, no one appeared to answer questions, I was in a hurry so just walked out.

It sounds interesting … hope they do a bit better with explaining/signage in the store itself so as to “capture” potential customers w ho walk in.