7 SFBA restaurants will be added to Michelin Guide 2022

Bay Area restaurants Hi Felicia, Itria and more added to Michelin Guide

SFGATE 09Nov2022

However, the more interesting list is possibly the complete list of 37 restaurants from all over the state, at the end of the article. If you want to go directly to it, that link is copied below:

For a full list of California restaurants mentioned in the “new discoveries” section, visit the Michelin Guide site here .


LA and SoCal collected a lot. Makes sense, larger geographic area, larger population, spread out diversity, more opportunities…and frankly more interesting eats right now. Real estate prices, cost of doing business and tech bro culture has been a drag on Bay Area food.


I’ve heard good things about the fancy cheesesteak at Matu but for 30 bucks with tax tip no drink no chips I don’t think I’m gonna find out anytime soon.

ok, so it’s not a tip, it’s…

"An 18% Fee will be added to your bill.

This is not a tip or gratuity and it is not for service rendered by our people. We are a no-tipping establishment."

still, an eager competitor of the even pricier french dip sandwich across the street at South Beverly Grill.