7 Guys Mediterranean Grill [Freehold, NJ]

I thought I saw someone post about this place but age & confinement has made me a little “buggy “
I was headed to TKO Tacos but a parking spot opened up directly in front of this place which I had wanted to try.
Lucky me , it was about 2:30 pm the place was empty but I was struck by how clean it was.
I was greeted by one of the 7 guys who kept assuring me that I was in for a great meal.
I had a Schwarma platter with lamb & Beef.
He was right, great platter with a good combination of rice, lamb, beef , onions tomato & lettuce.
2 pieces of Pita bread & the sauce was great.
Just enough heat. Simple Mediterranean menu reasonably priced.
I would recommend.

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My kind of food! Where is this place?


In Freehold across the street from Federici’s on Main Street


BTW TKO Tacos only does tamales Saturday & Sunday


We ate here tonight and the short of it is we regretted it. We shared a shawarma sandwich and a platter of chicken tikka masala. Unfortunately neither dish was really worth eating. The sauce on the chicken was worse than what I make at home, much less across the street at Aarzu. But worse was the dry cubes of white meat chicken inside the sauce. The best thing on that plate was the rice that came with it.

The sandwich was better, but the chicken set the bar mighty low. The meat was more like cheeseless cheesesteak but the topping salad and white sauce were tasty. It came with well cooked generic frozen fries.

We couldn’t leave fast enough and raced across the street to have a little gelato at Cafe 360.


When we went we liked the beef gyro platter best. The chicken was dry and I didn’t care for the chicken shola. Rice and sauce were good. Should have gotten extra sauce on the side.

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