7 Adams (SF - Fillmore)

Marlena in Bernal Heights was on our long list of restaurants for quite some time but due to the “break up” of the key people of that restaurant we never were able to visit it. We followed with interest how Chefs Serena and David Fisher were preparing for their own restaurant which turned out to be 7 Adams https://www.7adamsrestaurant.com/ It has a similar prix fixe concept (which we still have to try) as Marlena but what really peaked our interest was their tasting menu - just one seating a night with only 6 people at their chef’s counter. Tasting menus are in general our favorite ways to explore restaurants and we have even previously reached to chefs who don’t offer it and asked them to just do a one-off tasting menu for us. So, it was a no brainer for us to start exploring 7 Adams through their tasting menu.
It turned out to be a great night with impressive dishes, relaxed service and just a good time. It is always good to hear a chef explain a bit around their creation of dishes and the seasonality. It will be interesting to see how the tasting menu will evolve over the seasons. We wouldn’t be surprised if 7 Adams will get a Michelin star in the next annual edition.

Feuille de brick tart
Charcoal croustade
Nettle financier

A5 tartare, black garlic

Roasted serpent cucumber, smoked sturgeon mousse, snap pea, osetra caviar
Gimonnet bdb brut cuis ler cru, cote blanc, champagne

Spot prawn, charred avocado, shiso mayonnaise, brentwood corn
Jean-Marc Brocard sainte claire, chardonnay, chablis, 2022

Shellfish acquerello risotto, sea urchin, red dulse, phyto plankton
Domaine vincent careme, chenin blanc, vouray sec, 2019

Herb dough raviolo, mascarpone, ham, australian truffle
Blazic, jakot friulano, brajda, 2022

Milk bread roll (to mop up the egg inside the raviolo)

Mount lassen trout, rice koji, gooseberry, kohlrabi
The eyrie vineyards, trousseau dundee hills-williamatette valley, 2021

The buffalo wing (filled with a chicken sausage)
Almanac kolsch, alameda

Iberico pork rack, morel, patty pan, rhubarb glaze
Delas francois de tournon, syrah, saint-joseph, 2020

Melon oolong tartlett, song tea oolong bavarois, blackberry, lemon verbana
Carmes de rieussec, semillon, sauternes, 2020

Elderflower and strawberry, black sesame, roasted dirty girl strawberry
Graham’s 20 year dawny port, douro valley