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I’m not sure I even understood what some of these are, let alone have a clue whether they’ll be a “thing”. “Complex spice boosters”, FFS.

I look forward to seeing the increase in solo dining going head-to-head with “small plates intended for sharing”.


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4 out of 5

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Yeah, those run in direct opposition. If solo dining is to increase in popularity (and as a frequent solo diner, I am in favor of this), we need more half portions and like that.

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We could use half portions in general, given the size of ‘regular’ portions around these parts.


Quarter portions ftw!


Now yer talkin.

No one thinks a “trend” article from BHG is oxymoronic?

Who is this person? Did they jump to 2024 from a couple of decades ago?

No need to sheepishly answer “just one,” when a host asks, “how many?” Proudly ask for a table for one and prepare to focus on making it your best meal out yet.

If it feels awkward to fly solo at first, tote along a book or your phone. Or pull up a seat at the bar and enjoy conversation with the staff.


I viewed the trend to small plates as very solo diner friendly, because you can get a few small plates instead of being forced into the app-entree formula.

Before small plates, people who wanted variety without large portion size ordered multiple appetizers, which served the same purpose.

Some italian restaurants near me have always offered pasta mains as a half portion, I wish all of them did.


Belly up to the trough!!

One near me does. Intended as a starter (and menu listed as such). It’s something I often order there and then don’t bother with a carb with the main course.

I wish Italian restaurants outside of Italy adhered to the primi/secondi, with the primi (or pasta course) generally being a small portion. But most people outside of Italy want a big ole plate of noodles, which is why the primi piatti are basically secondi with a different name.

There’s a fab Sardinian place near our Berlin pad this summer, and if I have an antipasto, I know I won’t be able to also eat the ginormous pasta portion. And sharing mains isn’t always an option.

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Me too. I love the opportunity to do the full four courses. Near home, there’s only the place I mentioned and, even there, it’s not well set up to do the three savoury courses.

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I wish I wish Italian restaurants here offered primi portions of pasta. A bucket o’ pasta precludes ordering anything else for me, and I don’t want that.

I have a healthy appetite, I think, but if my partner and I each want to order a different antipasto plus a main (in this case either a primo or secondo), we can barely finish our plates. And forget about trying any desserts :frowning:

The Italians generally get the quantities right so you can go the full route.


Yup. Although more often than not we’d have filled up on free cicchetti with our aperitivi :slight_smile:

One now closed place in our nearby city used to have a starter which they called “aperitvo”. Basically a plate of cicchetti. Not free, of course

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I feel like most ‘small plates’ are so small they’re not really that great for sharing and you end up with two bites of food and some sauce. Great for a solo diner because you can still try multiple dishes.