6 Foods We Lost in 2022

The only one I’ve had is the McRib, and that was in the 1980s. So I won’t exactly miss any of these, but I’m sure some will.

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I never had a mcrib that look like this!

Well I’ve never had any of these, so I guess I won’t miss them.

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I had several in the 1980s when they first came out. It was the closet thing to barbecue available at the time. Never had one since, in any of the revivals. I can actually get barbecue now. And I’m grateful.

True that. The ground up “rib” they used always made me nervous.

I avoided purchase of the Choco Taco because I thought the shell would be tortilla. Then I tried it. Pretty good. Waffle cone tortilla.

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Foods! Ha!

Meh, in my opinion. Strangely, the only one I feel is a bit of a loss is Honest Tea. If I’m out and in a pinch to quench my thirst, I think Honest Tea’s were one of the tastier options and not quite as loaded with all the other stuff in the bottled sodas or juices. I guess I need to make sure I have that water bottle with me now.

Apparently we’ve lost the Popeyes blackened chicken sandwich. I tried to order one today, but they said it was just a four-week promotion.