5A5 Steak Lounge [Financial District, San Francisco]

This meal was before the shelter-in-place orders in SF.

In any case, this extravagant meal was a toast to a close buddy of mine and his future and a great distraction from the fact that Super Bowl 54 was cancelled (Strange coincidence that Super Bowl 47 was cancelled as well…).

On to the steak!

Our server generously showed us their signature A5 Wagyu selection (Ribeye, Ribcap, Filet, and New York respectively). I wish I had a generous business account to have these supremely marbled specimens but alas… it was a little too rich for my blood.

We also got to see their 32oz rib eye which also looked fantastic.

Started off our meal with two different types of bread, the one on the bottom is their bacon bread which adds a nice salty, savory touch.

Started off with an amuse bouche of a pita chip with some hummus.

With the apps, got the hamachi spoon (pretty much the same as the plate, just individually portioned since we had a little more people than the recommended number for the plate).

Apologies for the picture… ordered some truffle fries as well. I enjoyed them even if it does have… truffle oil… haha.

A nice beef carpaccio.

Mac and cheese

Underneath the shavings, pearl barley risotto.

I personally ordered the 4oz Tajima F1 NY which was a Wagyu/Holstein crossbreed. Super soft with marbling which always makes me wonder about the true Wagyu… alas, maybe when I can polish my monocle.

Also split that 32oz rib eye with another friend. Excellent beefy notes, though the soft velvety texture of the Tajima brings the rib eye down to earth (note, eat rib eye first…)

Friend got the dry aged T-bone with a sous vide egg on top and I had to try a bite as well. There’s this bacon jam sauce along with it that also gives it a nice oomph.

For dessert, I ordered the banana souffle. Love the banana notes and the souffle was quite fluffy.

Overall, I had great company and the meal delivered. I think the major distinction of the steak house is their Wagyu line up though.

I really don’t think there’s too much for me to say about steaks, all the pieces I tried were ordered medium rare and they cooked it to that temp. I would come back for a special occasion just… I really need to find someone with a business account…