55 amazing dishes you must try in London restaurants. What's missing?


Of those listed I’ve tried 1, 5, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 17, 23 , 29 & 42.

For Salt Yard I would have picked the pork belly with cannellini beans over the courgette flowers. Also for The Wolseley I would have said the haggis and duck eggs was a better bet. Not sure about the bhel puri I had at Kricket as the rice/sauce/yougurt ratio was off IMO.

I definitely think the beef flank curry at Cafe TPT should be up there.


Firstly, I’m impressed with myself for being able to score two.

First, the venison Scotch egg at Harwood Arms. And, second, the steak at Hawksmoor (both in London and Manchester).

Over recent years, most of my trips “dahn sarf” havent been to the central area. So, a "what’s missing " is out in the wilds of Brentford. That’s the “arnavut cigeri” (that’s Albanian liver to you and me) at Galata Pera, right on the river at Ferry Quays. This is lambs liver the way you want it. Dusted in paprika and lightly cooked, it is a thing of joy. And there’s a lot of it. And, by the by, their Adana kofte kebab is pretty damn decent.

As for the more central area, then the fish and chips at Masters Superfish on Waterloo Road. So good it could be northern.

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For #44, the Miso Aubergine, is the photo upside down or are my lousy eyes not seeing correctly?

Difficult standard to meet, and more impressive record you report. Here – two exact dishes, and ordered otherwise elsewhere.

I managed to get 9 - 1,3,5,10,11,17,18, 39, & 49 - not bad for living so far away and maybe reflection that quite a few places have stood the test of time.

In addition to the 9 I have eaten 22 of the other dishes (or almost identical) quite easily in Sydney which I think shows how globalized the food scene has got…if I searched I could probably get even more.

Amazing list and a wonderful way for anyone to start an eating trip thru London.

I’ve tried 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 15, 29, 36 & 49. So much more to go! (Yay!)

Looks almost unanimous that there is good reason No. 1 heads the list.

FWIW, Hawksmoor does a very good version. IMO, of course.

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Now there’s a thought – two-stop lunch, but in what order?

Got 13 which isn’t great as I live in London but I guess so much more to look forward to! Lots missing in the South Asian bit I think but that just means they will have to make a top 100 list at some point :wink:

Bhel at Kricket and Kid Goat Keema do not need to be there imho…also I found the beef fat tacos at Temper a bit meh

Great list. I’ve managed only 3 and had reservations for 2 others recently but had to postpone the trip (Duck and Waffle, Ivy).

I’m surprised none of the iconic dishes at Rules are listed though.

Haha something definitely wrong with that photo. It looks stretched horizontally!

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I managed 14. Well… I didn’t really have a cronut in London, I went to Dominique Ansel in Tokyo. Seems a bit of a copout to put what is essentially an international chain on there! Should have put Rinkoff’s “crodough” on the list instead.

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Speaking of which - The Laden Showroom in Brick Lane has been turned into an extremely fancy-looking teahouse.

A shame as I used to buy quite a bit from up and coming young designers that sold there but the Cronuts look immense. Has anyone tried it?

hand up! it’s the tea exchange or something. a man comes over and asks you what you look for in a tea. then he choose three blends and lets you smell each. they serve you a glass pot of your choice for £5 and the one i chose was certainly delightful - a green tea with rose (i had not expected to choose the green.). my friend and i shared a croughnut - not the best i’ve ever had but we were hungry. the ones at rinkoff’s bakery are better (and bigger)

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i did very poorly and have had only #9. not surprised though. i tend not to go to mainstream or central london places. some of the places listed i have been but not tried the specific dishes. need to join a budget-but-tasty group, me thinks! :slight_smile:

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Hah, we should just make one. :slight_smile:
Yes the London Tea Exchange apparently. I will endeavour to get to it at some point!

Seriously. Most of these dishes you can easily get in almost any large metropolitan city. No need to travel to London.

Well I know I can get quite a few in Sydney (and have had them), probably in Melbourne, and Hong Kong and Singapore. But I think I would struggle to get many in any big PRC city, most of SE Asia and India. Even in Europe I think cities like a Paris or Rome would struggle.

In the US, a few cities may be OK - NYC, LA, Chicago and SF. But would places like Dallas, Houston, Detroit be able to cover off on many of these…?

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What’s missing…

Er, Chicken Tikka Masala ???

Prawns Vindaloo ??

Fish & Chips with mushy peas ?

Roast Joint with Yorkshire Pudding ?

High tea ?