50 States in 50 Insane Food Challenges

Too bad my Apella mixed grill challenge wasn’t the one for NJ. (do a quick search on the NJ board for more details of my personal gluttonous stupidity.)

Anyway a fun list none the less. I’m all for trying the: Alaska, Washington, Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, New York and South Dakota because that pie looks soooooo good.


I have a blue-stocking distaste for that type of gluttony.

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In other news, 10% of the global population is obese.

That said, I could make a serious dent in the Ohio & Alabama challenges.

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I do love oysters.

Did you notice how many hamburgers are on this list? Everything is greasy, meaty, and carby.

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Yes. And pizza. Pretty dull stuff. I understand the need to keep things cheap and filling, so as not to go broke, but get some imagination! I would consider taking up one of these more interesting (yet still budget friendly) challenges: deviled eggs, dolmades, fried chick peas, pickles, stuffed mushrooms.

I think I just lost my appetite for a week :cold_sweat:



And while I can’t speak to the other states, I’ve eaten at the Green Iguana here in Tampa many times. The food is far too good to stoop to cheap shenanigans.

If all the things they have there, the burgers are my least fave, although they’re well known for them.

Days later. Still thinking about that giant meatball.

Wow…good post jr.

Is that pizza the one Adam ate and then he ran into the walk in fridge while telling the camera crew to f off?

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
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