50 restaurants ... your last meal in N.J.

I can do canned beer but I’m not so sure I can do boxed wine. I just don’t want to be seen showing up somewhere with that lol.

What about this?

Is that pork roll I spy?

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That just reminded me of my friends old cell phone flask. That thing was hilarious

To bad that Steve Jobs never thought of this.

Grilled Pork Roll. Grilled bun and burger.

I guess the last meal should be something a NJ special like pork roll, tomato pie …etc.

Hmm…I’ve never had a pork roll tomato pie but I’m willing to try. Kind of a Trenton doubleheader.

Nope, Taylor Swift Ham Sandwich.

Well I’m a big fan of Toscano of Bordentown City, although I’ve never had the pork chops. That’s my go to steak place in the area.

Fernades!! Even if it’s not 3, glad to see the brand mentioned here.

Nip-Tuck, I always thought they were famous for their wings. That could be because that’s all I’ve ever had there, generally very late at night and very intoxicated.

Old Causeway oysters!!! Yummmm…


(I noticed Pete’s Special Tuna sub, I’ve never had it but Demarco’s Tuna sub with hot peppers is about as good as it gets for me. A favorite!)

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