5 Guys now open in Wall on Route 35

I knew the opening was coming soon because I could see the bags of potatoes stacked inside. I drove by last night, and yes they are open! I’m guessing it was the first day, since they had helium ballons outside.

I didn’t go in, just drove by. I’ll be checking it out soon!

The website still says “Coming soon.”


Five Guys in Wall has a feature you won’t find outside of New York

I like the idea of an upper floor. Those places are usually so noisy. One of my least favorite burger places.


I stopped by for dinner this week. It’s new, clean and nice inside. The upper floor wasn’t open for dining. Maybe because it was cleaned up, and too late in the day. The downstairs has mostly high bar height tables. There are only two regular tables that seat four people eatch. So if you don’t like the bar height tables, you might be out of luck.

They had a lot of people working behind the counter. There were two registers open, and another six people preparing the food. Orders were completed very quickly.

I had a double cheeseburger. It was cooked as it usually is, probably medium well, but still a bit juicy. It was rather haphazardly put together, with some of the cheese not even on the burger. It wasn’t busy, so they weren’t in a rush. The fries were cooked well, nice and crispy. They were a little over salted for my taste. The salted peanuts in the shell never disappoint.

I asked for a custom shake, and they were happy to accomodate me. I got a chocolate strawberry shake, with the regular amount of each flavoring. It did make the shake a little soupy. But I brought half of it home, and a brief trip into the freezer fixed that.

All in all, my visit to 5 Guys is what you’d expect. Nothing earth shattering, but an ok spot when you need a better burger than McDonald’s or Burger King.

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