5% etc Clubs

I keep getting notices that I have earned 5% club, then a couple of hours later I get one that says I made the 10% club, then it goes back to the 5% club the next day. What’s up with that?

I guess you are between 5% to 6%, and the percentage is comparative to the total post, if you want to keep in the 5% club, post more to keep up.

We haven’t received your dues for the 5% club, so although you are eligible you will be kicked back to the 10% club until your dues are brought current. You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the 10% club, but NOT those of the 5% club. To cure this please send your certified check or money order to:

Notjrvedivici @ 5% for Life In the amount of $ 500. (or just bitcoin me like 10,000 bitcoins)

Once this is received you will then receive all the membership bonuses of the 5% club.


Aha. But it changes so fast -

If you send your 5% club membership fee’s in the next 30 minutes you and the first 100 subscribers will receive a complimentary… (just add $ 8.95 for shipping and handling or another 10,000 bitcoins)