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Hey my NYC peeps any info on the newest incarnation of Tavern on the Green, I use to love taking the family there on the Holidays, did they decorate like they use to? How is the food? Any info would be appreciated.

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In a word: Tourist trap! (OK, that’s two words. :grin: ) Katy Sparks, the chef who opened the revamp, left after 5 months as a result of universal panning. Her replacement, Jeremiah Tower, came out of retirement in Mexico. His menu didn’t elicit much better response, and he was out after 6 months. Here’s an Eater article published at that time (April 2015) which includes a photo of what I presume was once the Crystal Room.

P.S. I’ve been to Tavern on the Green exactly once eons ago when I was 11 years old.

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Towards the tail end of Taverns last run it was a tourist trap, serving nothing more than banquet food. Regardless I loved the place, especially around the holidays with the elaborate decorations for my children. The lobster bisque was both delicious and wonderfully served; poured table side with fresh pepper, dollop of fresh cream and sherry poured to taste. (a process I duplicated over the years)

Thanks for the update and the article…

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I agree with you, Joliet. Tourist traps can be fine. They become so called ‘tourist traps’ because the word spread widely in their day. Like the former Russian Tea Room, it was always lovely especially at Holiday time…

I miss the 80’s NYC …

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Dining or the city in general?

Both - but since we are talking about food … your posts got me thinking of the old days -

Tavern on the green
Russian tea room
Windows on the world

I never made it to the Russian Tea Room, but Windows on the world was truly a unique experience. Does the Marriott Marquis in Time Square still have the revolving lounge?

Yes, The View Restaurant & Lounge is still there.

Nobody goes to tavern on the green for the food.

But at one point - in the mid 90’s they had a very fine chef there - Patrick Clark. Sadly, he died in 1998.

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Fish market.
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