3rd Cousin [SF, Bernal Heights]

I’m interested to see how 3rd Cousin is going to develop because it’s in my neighborhood and the price point is fairly ridiculous. They’ve had a rocky start, choosing (a year ago?) the name Kinfolk, which even a non-lawyer like me could have told you was going to win them a cease-and-desist letter. Then they ran an unsuccessful Kickstarter to open 3rd Cousin (can’t they think of a GOOD name for this place?), which I would argue is a weird way to open a one-percenter restaurant.

I thought 3rd Cousin is open already. Or is he opening another restaurant?

They opened in their permanent space only very recently. Pretty sure it was just an infrequent pop-up in the past.

He obviously likes these names that suggest some sort of family connection. Presumably it’s entirely phoney (and, if so, rather sickening and manipulative) unless there are some actual family connections going on.

And is anyone supposed to know who Steve Sisler and these other people are, beyond some little circle of friends (or 3rd cousins)?

And who is this “Panisse” whose house I’m supposedly visiting in Berkeley? Some friend of Alice Waters? I don’t even think it’s a real person.

3rd Cousin menu looks great–didn’t get a chance to try Kinfolk, so I’m glad it’s back in some form.