310 Eatery, Albany

We’ve eaten a few times now at the newish 310 Eatery, which moved to Albany from Walnut Creek. Originally from L.A. (hence, 310), the place is run by the Fong family, with mom and dad helping their son out. Very warm and friendly service. We’ve eaten at the restaurant once and had take-out a couple of times.

We love it, and it’s now our go-to burger spot (when we’re not at Al’s). We’ve tried the 310 Street Burger and the Albany burger, the softshell crab sandwich (with egg), and the pastrami. The menu is quite extensive, but a lot of it seems a bit over-the-top/fusiony for us - with lots of things piled on other things. But I’m game to try other items, and the burger itself is top notch, with options of “regular” and grass-fed beef, cooked to order. Their classic shoestring fries are utter perfection, and remind me of McDonald’s fries in the very olden days.

here’s a pic of the 310 burger with egg, as a take-out

Yes, this made it home intact. They packed it in tallish box with a long toothpick through the whole thing. (My sister’s house is only a 4 minute drive, but still.)

The bacon jam on the 310 isn’t overpowering, but adds a nice, subtle, salty/sweetness.
here, without the egg, and the fries…

and the soft-shelled crab, with egg (this one was at the restaurant).

I really really wish they’d serve beer and wine, but there are no plans at all for that. Apparently they’d tried to strike a deal with Albany Tap Room next door, but ATR would have none of it. Strange, as ATR used to run Grazzy Burgers, which was in the space 310 is in now. (And good riddance to Grazzy - unfortunate name and unfortunate burgers.)

they don’t seem to have a website, but here are pics of the menu:

and yelp reviews:


Another vote for the attention-catching menu. We think we remember the Walnut Creek version sharing space with a liquor license-holding operation.

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